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elastic bounce leave-in


250mL / 8 fl. oz.


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why have 3-4 styling products in your lineup when you can just have one that a) works b) looks cute on your vanity 🌼

~what it is:

hair-cream is an all-in-one silky-soft styling cream with conditioning and repairing properties for a semi-defined soft-hold on your hair (hold the crust).

~why we made this:

We wanted to create a leave-in that could do it all, from braid-outs, to slick buns, diffusing, air-drying and every style in between. Instead of 3-4 styling products, it’s just one, cute, reusable glass jar for your top shelf. And we wanted it to treat your hair while you wear, too. So, we infused hair-cream with amino acids from Hydrolyzed Quinoa Protein to condition, protect and give give our strands elastic bounce, plus super-emollients like Mango Butter and Grape Seed Oil for shiny, cushiony softness.

~what does:

The soft-serve-like emulsion wraps your strands in lightweight shine and curl definition. Hair is left elastic, flouncy and pliable for stylability, without lock-in stiffness or the *dreaded* crunch.

~what's in it:

- Hydrolysed Quinoa Protein: helps to revitalise and repair your strands for healthy, bouncy shine

- Capryl Capric Triglycerides: envelopes hair in a silky protective barrier to help reduce moisture loss

- Mango Butter: a super emollient, helping to reduce breakage and dryness

- Maltodextrin/VP Copolymer: a water-soluble, 50% naturally derived hair polymer that gives lightweight hold

~suitable for:

wavy, curly, coily, and textured hair. This is your all-in-one, all-or-nothing leave-in product for air-drying, diffusing, or braiding your hair out.

~how to use it:


- Rake through freshly-washed, damp hair in sections from root to tip. If needed, use a brush to ensure hair-cream is evenly distributed through all hair strands. Coil hair with your finger or a brush for extra definition if you like. For best results, add more water and squish the water and product into your strands using a scrunching motion. Then, air-dry or diffuse.

>braid out/flexi-rods/heatless curls<

For a braid-out or other heatless curl method like flexi-rods, apply hair-cream evenly to damp or semi-dry hair, then braid in sections (or apply your flexi-rods etc). Diffuse to dry, or leave overnight. Then undo for softly defined waves.

>slicked bun or pony<

for a soft, slicked summer bun, apply hair-cream all over and as your finishing cream, utilising a boar bristle or smoothing brush to finish the look

~hot tip

If using a towel to dry, stick with a soft cotton t-shirt so you don’t disrupt your curl pattern.


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hair-cream & you

  • before

    before hair-cream

  • after

    after hair-cream. diffused

  • before

    before hair-cream

  • after

    after hair-cream. used as a leave-in conditioner to soften.

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  • “ a few hours, had some of the softest, defined, and voluminous curls I've had in a while.”


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